Mission Prevention

The Foundation focuses its efforts on making Prevention a part of everyday life

Following the expertise of healthcare personnel and partner doctors in Ramsay Santé’s private clinics and hospitals, the Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation set itself a mission: to improve awareness amongst the French population and encourage them to act in leading a healthy lifestyle that helps prevent disease. To maximise the effectiveness of its efforts, the foundation has formed partnerships by capitalising on the targeted expertise of healthcare professionals, scientists, startups, charities, and more. It works with all generations so that every individual can “grow better and age well”, “receive better diagnoses”, and “live better with their illness and avoid relapses”.

The Prevent2Care Lab


The Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation joined forces with INCO in the pursuit of a common goal: fostering innovation in preventative healthcare. It’s with this aim that the Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation created the Prevent2Care Lab, the first incubator exclusively for startups working in preventative healthcare.

“Générations Prévention”, it affectS us all

After the success of operation “les Sans tabac” on Facebook, an active community looking to prevent the uptake of smoking and help smokers stop, the Corporate Foundation chose to continue the scheme with Générations Prevention.

The concept: an extended family, where every generation is represented, from the grandparents and parents down to the teens and toddlers. Eugénie, Pierre, Marie and Geoffrey all face the same situations in life and ask the same questions about health as we do, and invite us to follow their adventures on Facebook. Louise, the Ramsay Santé nurse, will provide friendly advice and guidance in all these situations. A project that will touch upon all the topical health subjects (heatwave, back to school, exam stress, Pink October, etc.).


The Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation created its stress observatory with the first goal being to publish a stress map: are there any proven ties between stress and the illnesses that the French believe to be caused by it?