The Prevent2Care Lab

The Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation and INCO have created the Prevent2Care Lab, the first incubator exclusively for startups working in healthcare prevention. The aim is to foster innovation in preventative healthcare and address issues in ensuring the sustainability of the French healthcare system. 

According to the WHO, prevention could avoid 16 million deaths annually across the world, specifically through simple measures such as encouraging healthy behaviour and improving screening tests and patient care. An observation that drove the Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation to focus its efforts on making Prevention a part of everyday life.

Prevent2Care Lab website :

The first cohort of the Prevent2Care Lab

The Prevent2Care Lab has supported a first cohort of 13 innovative startups with their projects, revolving around three types of preventative healthcare:

  • Primary prevention, which aims to prevent health problems through education on healthy behaviour and encouraging people to act
  • Secondary prevention, which aims to diagnose and act in the early stages of a disease to hinder its development and eliminate risk factors 
  • Tertiary prevention, which aims to avoid any relapses in people who have already been ill

Since the launch of the incubator on 26th February 2018, these 13 startups have benefitted from 9 months of tailored support with premises provided in Paris, individual strategic guidance, mentoring, personalised training with experts and more. The Prevent2Care Lab also put them in contact with potential investors, partners and a network of 500 green and social startups across 20 countries. A huge boost to their development. 

The 13 Sart-ups

  • Slow Control makes a smart fork to help people eat more slowly during meals and avoid the dangers of eating too quickly.
  • AI Vision is an innovative solution to help remote diagnosis in teleophthalmology, using artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • CitizenDoc is a perioperative remote support platform that helps patients all the way from scheduling their operation to recovery.
  • CompoScan is a mobile application that scans hygiene and cosmetic products to provide health information and prevent allergies.
  • The startup DAMAE Medical has developed OCTAV®, a device that allows users to visualise and examine the various layers of the skin on a microscopic level and in a non-invasive manner, to facilitate the early detection of skin diseases.
  • Dr Home is a web application that facilitates access to care for isolated populations (lack or loss of independence, seniors, etc.) or those living in medical deserts.
  • EMTC is a toolkit containing software, a smart pillow, an e-learning platform and on-site training to prevent musculoskeletal conditions (e.g. back pain) through digital innovation.
  • Happineo is a platform providing video-conference consultations with a psychologist tailored to the patient.
  • iThylo is an approved breathalyser for smartphones and tablets, which aims to prevent the dangers of alcohol, encourage screening and monitor alcohol withdrawal.
  • Kiplin is a fun and intelligent platform, based on data and a collective user experience, whose goal is to reinvent Adapted Physical Education (APE) and transform it into Non-Medical Digital Therapy.
  • Life Plus is a solution for preventing frailty in seniors by offering personalised analyses and advice, especially following hospitalisation.
  • Mask Generation is the first anti-pollution mask that is both stylish and effective against fine particulates, pollen, viruses and bacteria.
  • PIX HEALTH is a prevention tool for healthcare professionals to improve care for their patients at risk of cardiovascular disease.