2. Ideas and solutions

The focus of the second phase of the process is to generate ideas and develop concepts into solutions to the problem. This involves researching, testing and developing the concepts so that they have the potential to solve the problem. At the end of this phase you will have created a great pitch for your solution.


Activities in this phase

  1. Find or create ideas that could solve the problem. Do the research and investigate what others has done to address the same problem. Google! Use ideation tools to help you find a possible solution
  2. Explore the idea or solution to test whether it is possible to run in your organisation. Do we have the time, resources, and the right people? Are there any regulatory problems?
  3. Build a high level business case to test the financial viability of the solution
  4. Check with stakeholders that the possible solution aligned with the organisation's strategy
  5. Create a pitch (The pitch) that present the idea/solution in a concise way. A great pitch makes it easier for management to make an informed decision on whether to say go or no go. You can use the tools to assist you.
  6. If the project is green-lighted, proceed to prepare for a pilot.