Artro clinic, Stockholm

About Capio Artro

Capio Artro is a specialized orthopedic center in Stockholm with a focus on sports medicine, physiotherapy, and joint replacement. Here we find three clinics, 165 employees performing 23 000 doctors’ visits and 46 000 physiotherapy rehab visits each year. More than 5500 surgeries are performed.  Arthroscopic ones accounting for 66 percent, joint replacements 22 percent. Need to fix your anterior crucial ligament? Here we find Sweden’s leading ACL surgery, 23 percent of the total market.

The clinic has a strong focus on quality and collaboration with academia. Highly digitalized pre- and post-processes as well as a digital-first approach for all patient communication are examples of their processes so far.

What they will be working on in the the Living lab setting

Finding a way to better use medical secretaries and supporting parts of their job by voice-to-text solutions and automatized coding. Reduce admin tasks that can be automated, for example ordering surgery room supplies.

Improving the process of collecting health declarations, reducing avoidable no-shows due to insufficient preparations.

Empower employees with efficient, and easy-to-use, tools and dashboards.