Pôle Aquitaine cluster and the Gingko Biloba hub, France

About Pôle Aquitaine and Gingko Biloba

The Pôle Aquitaine is a cluster of five units situated on the French west side: Aguilera Clinic in Biarritz, Belharra clinic in Bayonne, Center of Cardiology in Bayonne, Jean Le Bon clinic in Dax, and Atlantic clinic in La Rochelle.

The employees and affiliated doctors perform excellence in hand surgery, cardiology, oncology, surgery, and ER care.

  • 1300 Full-time equivalents, 363 doctors

  • 5 health facilities

  • 583 beds and places

  • 2 emergency services, 1 SOS hand, 1 Cancer Institute


Things to explore in the Living lab setting

Within the cluster, a concept of innovative healthcare called Gingko Biloba has begun its exploration of value-creating solutions, a work that will now continue together with the Innovation hub.

Areas of interest include, among others, OR of the future and sustainability.

Their cross-border geographical position also makes it possible to envisage collaborations with health establishments or Spanish start-ups.