Saint-Barnabé, Marseille

About St Barnabé

St Barnabé, situated on the outskirts of Marseille and overlooking the Mediterranean, is an addictology clinic with regulatory rehab. The 40 employees and 50 subcontractors can help 75 in-patients and 15 out-patients in their facility.

Due to individual patient needs, different pathways are available. These include an assessing and orientation phase as out-patients, a daycare pathway, that can include a short weaning module as an in-patient, a 6-week in-patient pathway, that includes therapeutic education, a consolidation pathway, as a follow-up to the 6-week in-patient pathway and a long-term pathway that spans from 3 to 6 months.

What they will be working on in the Living lab setting

An app that helps to deal with cravings is of priority, as is digital group therapy where new scopes in addictology will be explored. In the back end, improvements in planning, billing, and digital payroll will be tried out.