Trois Cyprès, Marseille

About Trois Cyprès

Trois Cyprés is a psychiatry clinic set in a not-so-dense area with scarce public transportation and poor internet and 4G coverage indoors. The clinic offers both in-patient and out-patient care, the latter split between daycare (one or more half-days or days a week) and night hospital (evenings and nights).

They have a large variety of age groups: from teenagers (12-17 years), via young adults (18-25) to adults (26+). In the young adults’ ward depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, school phobia are examples of diagnoses. In the teenagers’ ward, star practitioner Marcel Rufo is still active.

What they will be working on in the Living lab setting

The clinic will continue to explore digital daycare, as well as offer psychologist services online. They will also work on their administrative processes, trying voice-to-text dictation and NLP coding and billing solutions.