Volvat, Norge

About Volvat

Volvat is the leading private healthcare provider in Norway, with 20 different medical centers and over 1.200 employees. Here we find healthcare offers in as diverse settings as for example general medicine, specialist clinics and, surgery clinics.

Volvat´s business model is based on different revenue streams, including out of pocket payment, and contracts with the public sector, insurance companies, and enterprises. Given the close relation to the patients, they have a legacy of a strong focus on digital patient journeys. Several platforms are used such as Doctrin for digital consultations and Waitwhile for bookings and waiting lists.

What they will be working on in the Living lab setting

Focusing on improved customer service through a 24/365 omni channel entry point for patients. Furthermore, reaching for better administration tasks using NLP and voice-to-text solutions is of interest.

Volvat has extensive experience working with start ups, aiming to improve the industry and its ecosystem.


Contact person Volvat: Andreas Roos andreas.roos@volvat.no