Investment policy

200 M€ per year invested in innovation through:

  • the construction of new facilities;
  • the modernisation/enlargment/renovation/regrouping of existing buildings;
  • the creation of new units;
  • medical equipments;
  • medical imaging.

Construction of new facilities

La Croix du Sud Clinic Médipôle Lyon-Villeurbanne
La Croix du Sud Clinic in Toulouse (31 - France)
inaugurated at the end of 2018
Médipôle Lyon-Villeurbanne (69 - France), open early 2019.
Largest private hospital in France

Modernisation/enlargment/renovation/regrouping of existing buildings

West Paris private hospital Extension of Saint Göran's Hospital     Saint Göran new operating theatres

Extension of the
emergency service

West Paris private hospital
(78 - France)
in 2018.

Extension of Saint Göran's Hospital (Stockholm, Sweden):

  • after having reinforced the emergency capacity (100,00/year), in 2019, new operating theatres were opened;
  • the next deadlines will see the construction of 2 new buildings (an additional 30,000m² in addition to the 1,000m² renovated);
  • the opening of a new maternity hospital and the completion of the work are planned for 2022.

Norway specialist ophtalmology clinics

Denmark Hellerup

Atlantic Clinic (La Rochelle - 17 - France)
In Norway, we hare invested heavly in our specialist ophtalmology clinics.

In Copenhagen (Denmark): merger of our two largest establishments and transfer from Lyngby to Hellerup.

Expansion and renovation of the Atlantique clinic (La Rochelle - 17 - France) to combine its activities with those of the Mail clinic.

 mental health clinics renovated in 2019:

Eugénie clinic Océane clinic Pen An Dalar clinic
Eugénie clinic (France) Océane clinic (France) Pen An Dalar clinic (France)
Rech clinic Ronsard clinic Trois Cyprès clinic
Rech clinic (France) Ronsard clinic (France) Trois Cyprès clinic (France)


Creation of new units

Clinique des Trois Cyprès

New adolescent unit at the Clinique des Trois Cyprès (13 - France) in April 2019.


Medical equipement

The acquisition of new surgical robots at the heart of the "ambulatory" revolution of which we are the leader.

14 surgical robots installed in our healthcare facilities.

Replacing our equipment with the latest generation equipment.

3T MRI at Clairval Private Hospital (Marseille, France) and at Capio Movement (Halmstad, Sweden).

New linear particle accelerator at the Beauregard Radiotherapy Center (Marseille, France).


Medical imaging

Imaging is essential for the diagnosis of many pathologies. It is very often integrated into our facilities, whose equipment is made up of:

  • 36 MRI
  • 30 scanners
  • 6 PET
  • 15 gamma cameras
  • 27 interventional radiology rooms for the guidance of minimally invasive medical interventions under optimal conditions of precision and safety
  • 11 hybrid rooms (combination of an intervention room and an operating theatre