The administration of the Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation comprises various advisory, decision-making and operational bodies. They approve the Corporate Foundation’s main strategic focus and ensure it upholds its founding values.


Board of Directors

The board determines the focus of the Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation and which efforts it should prioritise.

It is made up of:


3 Ramsay Santé members

Pascal Roché

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation
CEO of Ramsay Santé

Philippe Torcelly

Deputy Human Resources Director at Ramsay Santé

François Demesmay

Group Chief Medical Innovation and Patient Experience Officer at Ramsay Santé

2 qualified leading figures

Serge Guérin

Professor at INSEEC where he supervises the MBA
in Health Facilities Management

Nicolas Hazard

Founder and president of the Comptoir de l’Innovation
President of INCO, leading global consortium
for an inclusive and sustainable economy

Dr. Stéphane Locret

Medical advisor of the Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation
Director of Research and Education at Ramsay Santé

Dr. Pierre André Becherel

Hôpital privé d'Antony

Dr. Christophe Cutarella

Clinique St Barnabé

Dr. Alain Ducardonnet

Clinique du Sport

Dr. Cyril Gauthier

Hôpital privé Dijon Bourgogne

Dr. Catherine Lamblin

Hôpital privé La Louvière

Outside experts

Pierrick Gomez

Associate professor of Marketing
at NEOMA Business School.
His research focuses on the role of external and cultural factors in food behaviour and the effectiveness of health communication.

Corinne Grenier

Professor and researcher at Kedge Business School. Director of the Health Management Research Centre at Kedge.
Her research specialisations focus on innovation, governance, usage networks and intelligence management and areas that promote the development and dissemination of innovation.

Thibault Deschamps

President of the Vivons en Forme association

Corporate Foundation team

Brigitte Cachon

Executive Director of the Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation
Director of Communication, Brand & CSR

Sylvie Arzelier

Executive secretary of the Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation

Laëtitia Glad

Project Manager of the Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation