Ramsay Santé, a mission-driven company


Being a mission-driven company: our obligations

In 2022, by amending its articles of association to become a mission-driven company, our Group committed to placing the general interest at the heart of its day-to-day actions, and to placing its development within a framework that reinforces our responsibility to all: patients, employees, practitioners, the planet and society. From now on, our mission and purpose “Improving health through constant innovation” will be based on 4 fundamental social and environmental objectives

Our mission is to improve health care through constant innovation. We want to push back the boundaries of health care. This strategic compass should enable us to go beyond not only medical and technological limits, but also organisational and human ones, by providing innovative solutions. It is through our culture of innovation that we will continue to make a lasting and positive impact in the health care field.

4 social and environmental objectives

  • Welcome all patients and all pathologies
    At Ramsay Santé, every patient is welcomed and cared for without discrimination, in compliance with the treatment authorisations granted, whatever the nature of their pathology and whether or not they benefit from complementary health cover and, in France, from Social Security or CMU/PUMA.
  • Guarantee quality of life at work for our teams
    The well-being and fulfilment of our employees, their working conditions, their safety and their inclusion are at the heart of our role in terms of social responsibility.
  • Making care more accessible
    Our primary care centres represent an innovative offering designed to guarantee access to basic, tailor-made care for as many people as possible. The Ramsay Santé Group currently has 167 such centres in Europe.

  • Actively support clinical research
    Ramsay Santé is France's leading private health care group in terms of scientific and medical research.
  • Foster the professional development of our employees
    In a constantly evolving sector. It is the Group's responsibility to ensure the professional development of its employees so that patients receive a high-quality welcome and care that lives up to their expectations.
  • Boost the innovation strategy through LivingLabs
    Living Labs are true incubators of talent and new ideas, bringing together employees, doctors, patients, managers and external service providers to develop innovative, cross-disciplinary solutions.

  • Stakeholders' perception of the Group's mission
    The Group's unique position, at the crossroads of the public and private sectors, is a strength that allows it to set the standards in the field of prevention. Our mission: to give patients an increasingly central role.
  • Boost dialogue with patient associations and young entrepreneurs
    Raising awareness of prevention also means supporting start-ups and associations working locally. To this end, in 2018 the Ramsay Santé Foundation created the Prevent2CareLab, a start-up incubation programme.
  • The Quality of Life and Working Conditions agreement
    The aim of this agreement, which is unique in our sector, is to ensure that everyone finds a balanced, fulfilling and inclusive working environment in their facility.

  • Reduce our impact on climate change
    We are committed to innovating to adapt our practices to the demands of the necessary ecological transition. We want to maximise the energy efficiency of our sites, optimise our consumption and move towards a more sustainable economic model. This is also why we are making preventive medicine a long-term priority.
  • Reduce our impact on climate change
    Many initiatives exist in this area within our facilities. We will go even further by organising sorting, treatment and recovery channels in collaboration with key players in the sector. We have also set ourselves the target of recycling at least 30% of our waste by 2030.
  • Reduce our impact on climate change
    A new responsible purchasing charter has been distributed to our suppliers. By signing it, they undertake to comply with applicable environmental protection legislation and regulations, and to take all necessary steps to reduce their environmental impact.

Our mission is what makes our purpose into our driving force. Our mission is a pact that the Group signs with its employees, the medical profession, its patients and its shareholders. Without a mission, performance is meaningless. Unless it benefits society, performance is nothing.

Pascal Roché, CEO

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At the heart of our success

These four social and environmental objectives have in common what makes up the DNA of the Ramsay Santé group today: our capacity to innovate, our desire to develop prevention and our ambition to unite the health care ecosystem around our shared struggles. They are already being pursued by and for everyone: patients, employees, practitioners, the planet and society.

« There is no impact, only proof of impact. The mission-driven company enables us to provide evidence of our commitment » Pascal Roché, CEO


Our proof of impact

"I was without a GP for 3 years
Now I'm registered with a Ramsay Santé medical centre
near my home."

"Looking after everyone's health,
also means sorting and recycling what I use every day."

"Telemonitoring improves my day-to-day quality of life
during my cancer treatment."

"This conference, organised with patient associations,
provided information about the issues
and complexity of the disease."

The mission committee

The mission committee carries the vision and serves as a watchdog for the commitments we have made, ensuring that the decisions we take are compliant. Reflecting our pluralist spirit, it has 11 members, bringing together players from different backgrounds: patient associations, representatives from the health care sector, academic researchers, players in the circular economy, experts in digital health, Group employees, etc., all of whom are concerned about social and environmental issues.

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Yes we care

Our mission and its 4 social and environmental objectives are at the heart of the success of our “Yes we care 2025” strategy, and therefore of the Group's overall success. By fully integrating our contribution to the public interest into our day-to-day activities, we are strengthening our position as a benchmark player in health care.

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The Group's CSR strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of our mission. The aim of our CSR policy is to contribute to and boost our commitments. It is a tool for reducing the negative effects or risks inherent in our activities in environmental, social, economic and ethical terms. CSR is the operational implementation of the company's mission.

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