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    • Article L. 343-4: ‘Any infringement of the rights of the producer of a database as defined -in Article L. 342-1 is punishable by three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 euros. If the offence has been committed by an organised gang, the penalties are increased to five years’ imprisonment and a fine of 500,000 euros.’ 
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    • Article L 122-4: ‘Any representation or reproduction, in whole or in part, made without the consent of the author, or his or her assignees or successors, is illegal. The same applies to translation, adaptation or transformation, arrangement or reproduction by any art or process.’


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The site published by Ramsay Santé, the leading French private healthcare and services group and sole financier, is intended for the general public and patients. Among the editorial aims it has set for itself is the intention to dedicate part of the site to medical content: information on health, therapeutic practices or prevention. It thus seeks to inform the public, support them throughout their lives and help them maintain their health.

Access to this site is open to all audiences, free of charge.

Established within the framework of a medical editorial charter provided and signed by each author, all articles, dedicated for example to the popularisation of scientific and medical knowledge, comply with the recommendations enacted by the report by the Conseil national de l’ordre des médecins (National Council of the Order of Doctors) on 22 May 2008 regarding medical ethics on the health-related internet:

  • Authority. The editorial content of the site participates in the popularisation of scientific and medical knowledge. This activity is useful and necessary to inform the public, in simplified terms, of the current state of medical science, its avenues of research and its advances. Any medical opinion provided on the site is given only by specialised (qualified) medical personnel and qualified professionals, unless an explicit declaration specifies that certain opinions originate from non-medical persons or organisations. The way in which practitioners address internet users reflects the way in which they address everyone in their daily work, including their patients.
  • Complementarity. The information or any advice offered on the site are not medical consultations and should not exempt either the doctor or the patient from a real consultation involving a case history and a clinical examination, which alone can lead to a diagnosis and prescription.
  • Confidentiality. The site undertakes to maintain the utmost confidentiality of personal information concerning patients and visitors.
  • Qualification of editors. Doctors are responsible in terms of professional ethics for the relevance of the information they deliver. This information must therefore be clear, understandable, fair, appropriate and consistent with the data acquired from science. All medical information is dated and signed by a practitioner, identified by name, speciality and the facility in which he or she practises. Information may not be taken from material drawn from an external source; instead, a link must be created to that source.
  • Justification. The distinction between ‘what comes from confirmed scientific data and what comes from research’ is always respected in order to prevent readers from becoming confused. Any statement relating to the benefits or performance of a given treatment, product or commercial service is associated with appropriate and weighted evidence.
  • Attribution & professionalism. The internet user must be able to access the original source of the information. They are provided with a contact address for any request related to the content of the site:
  • Transparency of financing & honesty in the advertising and editorial policy. Having its own financing, the Ramsay Santé site refrains from the use of any funded or sponsored links, unless explicitly mentioned, to the sites of commercial companies, including those manufacturing or distributing medications, objects, devices or products presented as having an interest in health.