Investment policy

200 M€ per year invested in innovation through:

  • the construction of new facilities;
  • the modernisation/enlargment/renovation/regrouping of existing buildings;
  • the creation of new units;
  • medical equipments;
  • medical imaging


Construction of new facilities

Modernisation/enlargment/renovation/regrouping of existing buildings

Creation of new units

Medical equipement

The acquisition of new surgical robots at the heart of the "ambulatory" revolution of which we are the leader.

14 surgical robots installed in our healthcare facilities.

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Medical imaging

Imaging is essential for the diagnosis of many pathologies. It is very often integrated into our facilities, whose equipment is made up of:

  • 36 MRI
  • 30 scanners
  • 6 PET
  • 15 gamma cameras
  • 27 interventional radiology rooms for the guidance of minimally invasive medical interventions under optimal conditions of precision and safety
  • 11 hybrid rooms (combination of an intervention room and an operating theatre
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