Corporate Foundation

Originally focused on umbilical cord blood donation, the Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation is now focusing its efforts on Preventative Healthcare.
To take action where it is needed most, the Corporate Foundation has developed pioneering programmes to promote prevention by informing, educating and raising awareness amongst the general public. In addition, it seeks to encourage people to act by developing partnerships and leveraging the targeted expertise of healthcare professionals, scientists, startups, charities and more.

A choice much in keeping with the Group’s role as a healthcare provider, to boost, unite and galvanise a community of generations that believe prevention is the best way to stay in good health throughout one’s life.



The administration of the Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation comprises various advisory, decision-making and operational bodies. They approve the Corporate Foundation’s main strategic focus and ensure it upholds its founding values

3 types of prevention

Primary prevention

Before the illness. It aims to avoid a health issue first appearing and minimise the risk factors by educating people on how to lead a healthy lifestyle

Secondary prevention

At the very beginning of the illness. It aims to stop or slow down the development of an illness and minimise the risk of it returning or becoming

Tertiary prevention

Once the illness has already occurred. It involves those who have already been sick. It attempts to minimise the risk of relapse, recurrence


  • 2008: Ramsay Santé creates its Corporate Foundation which commits itself to promoting the anonymous and free donation of stems cells from umbilical cord blood for therapeutic and scientific purposes. 
  • 2017: The Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation focuses its strategy on Preventative Healthcare, in partnership with charities, public and private bodies and other foundations, with the support and collaboration of healthcare professionals.