Mental health

In France, Ramsay Santé offers a range of prevention and care services adapted to different mental and addictive pathologies, from screening to treatment to cognitive and social rehabilitation.

Ramsay Santé works in close collaboration with psychiatric emergency services, public structures, associations as well as all the actors working in the field of mental health and the field of addictions.

Evolution of increasingly personalised care with differentiated care modes:

  • the possibility of full hospitalisation or an alternative (day or night hospital, as well as a home hospitalisation unit),
  • the creation of structures or units dedicated to specific populations: adolescents, young adults, health professionals or elderly people,
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  • complementarity with the public sector or town medicine with post-emergency, crisis and even a unit in hospital without consent.

Ramsay Santé is one of the main players in private psychiatry with 30 facilities in France, representing nearly 20% of private hospitalisation in psychiatry.

Our sector also includes 5 follow-up care facilities specialising in addiction and 1 facility specialising in disability.


Our practices give pride of place to therapeutic innovations and new means of care: r-TMS

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation used in particular to fight against depression, addictions or OCD.

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VR Therapy

A therapy that uses Virtual Reality, for example in the treatment of phobias.

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Light therapy

Available to patients against depression, but also to teams and caregivers.


We have the objective and the possibility to accompany each patient throughout his or her life.

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45 days

45 days average length of stay in mental health facilities Ramsay Santé.