Nutrition, obesity & eating disorders

Commitments in terms of care for obese patients:

  • multidisciplinary teams
  • medical of surgical care
  • personalised support
  • compliance with the recommendations of the health authorities

Appropriate care in our mental health facilities / psychiatric clinics for eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, etc.

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Key figures (2019)

  • 13 Reference centres in nutrition/obesity in France
  • Specialised clinics in the Nordic countries.
    Ex: Capio CFTK


October 2019, Ramsay Santé launches the Espace Médical Nutrition Obésité (EMNO) in Dijon (21 - France), a structure specialising in the treatment of overweight, obesity and behavioural disorders food. EMNO offers patients access to the skills of a multidisciplinary team (doctor, nurse, dietetician, psychologist, etc) and to a comprehensive care programme without heavy hospitalisation.