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Bergman Clinics takes next step in growth strategy with intended acquisition of six clinics in Germany

on 2020/09/16

Entering German market strengthens Bergman’s position in Northwestern Europe.

Bergman Clinics takes a next step in the expansion of its international position in the field of plannable medical care. The company now enters the German market, with the intended acquisition of six clinics in Germany from care group Capio, part of Ramsay Santé Group. This step follows an earlier acquisition in Scandinavia and strengthens Bergman’s position in Northwestern Europe. The German clinics are specialized in vein and eye care; two of the six are regional general hospitals. By expanding in Northwestern Europe, Bergman Clinics aims to create an international platform for highly specialized plannable medical care.

The intended acquisition of the Capio clinics provides Bergman Clinics an entry into the largest European care market. Germany boasts a long history of plannable medical care through specialized clinics. However, the market is fragmented, which offers consolidation opportunities and economies of scale. This intended acquisition represents an important step in Bergman Clinic’s growth strategy. By adding two regional general hospitals for general medical care, with a focus on orthopedic treatments, Bergman secures the needed licenses to further expand in Germany and to add focus clinics.

Bergman Clinics will also in Germany focus on high quality, patient focused treatments for a competitive price. Additionally, the increasing scale enables Bergman Clinics to achieve synergies. The German care activities will also contribute to benchmarking results between various clinics, which enables Bergman Clinics to continuously improve its care performance. Furthermore, the German clinics will be a platform for innovations in digital care.

Around 200,000 patients are treated annually in the six clinics, of which around 180,000 represent outpatient treatments for plannable interventions in the areas of vein and eye surgery. Twenty thousand patients receive regional inpatient clinical care. The six clinics employ around 900 care professionals, of which 150 medical doctors and with a capacity of 540 beds. Most clinics are located in central Germany, one is located in Southern Bavaria. Bergman has the firm ambition to grow the clinics where possible, using the knowledge, experience and methods that Bergman Clinics also applies in its other locations, as well as through M&A. The main focus areas are movement, eye care, veins and appearance.

Hans van der Heijden, CEO of Bergman Clinics, is thrilled with the acquisition. “We have been working on this project for a year. The process has been delayed due to Covid-19, but it’s very positive that we can now take this step. Achieving a leading position in Northwest European in our market, requires having a presence in Germany. We now have access to a potential that offers tremendous opportunities. Our employees in the Netherlands and Scandinavia can benefit from the knowledge and professionalism in Germany and at the same time we can insert our methodologies into the German clinics. Clients and patients will profit from this: they are being provided with more possibilities to get treatment from highly specialized focus clinics. Simultaneously, this joining of forces provides more room to invest in technological innovations, digitization and training”.

Pascal Roché, CEO of Ramsay Santé Group, explains: “The Ramsay Santé group strategy aims to strengthen our presence in areas where we have the capacity to become a leader in the healthcare industry. We came to the conclusion that it would be very complex to be the case in Germany. We therefore accepted the offer of the Bergman Clinics group, whose expertise and development projects will be positive for the patients and the teams.”

Completion of the acquisition is expected in the course of the fourth quarter of 2020.

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