The Mission Committee

Its role

  • Evaluate and challenge the CSR action plan
  • Check that the decisions we take are in line with our objectives and report annually to the Board of Directors
  • Communicate and involve Ramsay Santé teams in the mission

Its members

  • Martin Vial
  • Emma Poirret
  • David Kaczmarek
  • Margareta Danielus
  • Frédéric Collet
  • Manon Reguer Petit
  • Annabel Brourhant
  • Agnès de Leersnyder
  • Aymeril Hoang
  • Emmanuelle Ledoux
  • Elsa Godart

Biographies of Mission Committee members

Martin Vial

His 40 years of experience as a manager in the services sector have given him extensive experience developing and managing major French and European groups. After assuming various responsibilities in ministerial cabinets, Martin Vial was appointed CEO of Aéropostale in 1993, before becoming Managing Director of La Poste Group in 1997. In December 2000, he was appointed Chairman of La Poste Groupe and at the same time Vice-Chairman of Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance (CNP). Between 2003 and 2014, he was Managing Director of the Europ Assistance Group. In 2015, Martin Vial was appointed Commissaire aux participations de l'État, Managing Director of the Agence des participations de l'État, a position he held until 1 June 2022. He also has extensive experience in corporate governance, having sat on the boards of directors of SMEs, SMIs and very large listed companies.               
Martin Vial joined Montefiore Investment in June 2022 as a Senior Advisor. He is a graduate of ESSEC and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Postes et Télécommunications.

Emma Poirret

Director of Ramsay Santé’s Parly 2 private hospital, Emma Poirret graduated from Université Paris-Sorbonne in 2013, with a master's degree in political philosophy and ethics, and from Université Paris-Est Créteil in 2017 with a master's degree in health care facility management. She began her career in 2014 as a financial controller at Hôpital Saint-Jean in Gennevilliers (92). In 2015, she joined Hôpital Nord 92 in Villeneuve-la-Garenne (92), where she spent a year as a project manager. In 2016, she joined Clinique Victor Hugo in Paris as an executive assistant, before continuing her career as deputy manager of Clinique Paris-Bercy as of April 2018. Emma Poirret joined the Ramsay Santé Group in October 2019 as operations manager at Parly 2 private hospital, and was appointed facility manager in January 2022.
She has also been a lecturer on the diploma programme in health care facility management at Université Paris Descartes since 2017.

David Kaczmarek

A digestive and thoracic surgeon at Ramsay Santé’s Hôpital Privé de la Loire since 2016, following 10 years practising in a mutual-run clinic and 3 years as assistant head of clinic at the public hospital in St Étienne. This experience has given him insight into the three economic models: public, non-profit and private. He is also a consultant in thoracic robotic surgery for Intuitive and, as of this year, Chairman of the Medical Council of Ramsay Santé’s Hôpital Privé de la Loire.
Aside from purely environmental considerations in a sector that generates consumables, packaging, waste, energy and greenhouse gases, his interest in CSR is primarily focused on social and economic concerns.

Margareta Danelius

Appointed CMO at Capio Sweden in 2019, Margareta Danelius is a physician with extensive experience in change management, patient safety and digitalisation, with a strong focus on medical ethics. She has managed health care in hospitals as well as primary care and specialised care in public, private and non-profit settings. The patient remains the focus of her concerns.
Margareta Danelius is a specialist in internal medicine, gastroenterology and hepatology, with a specialisation in intestinal diseases. Although she now works in support and quality, she has never left the clinical field.
After years of voluntary work with the Academy for Academics Foundation, which helps young Gambians to obtain a bachelor's degree, Margareta Danelius furthered her knowledge of world health at the Karolinska Institute and is now looking forward to her first mission with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

Frédéric Collet

A graduate of the IEP in Paris and Université Paris 2, Frédéric Collet began his career in the cosmetics industry (Henkel group), in France and in the UK, before joining the Novartis group and its ophthalmology medical devices business in 2005 as Managing Director of Ciba-Vision. In 2009, he became President of Sandoz France (generic drugs and biosimilars). In 2015, he was appointed CEO of Novartis Oncology for France, and successfully completed the integration of GSK's haematology, oncology and rare disease businesses into Novartis. He was CEO of Novartis France from 2017 until 2022. 
He was also President of LEEM between 2019 and 2022.

Manon Réguer-Petit

Manon Réguer-Petit has a PhD in political science and is a graduate of Sciences Po Paris. She is currently an associate and scientific director of Agence Phare, a research and consultancy agency specialised in social impact assessment and public policy evaluation for the State (Ministries, State agencies, local authorities), foundations and non-profits.
Specialised in the evaluation and measurement of social impact, she trains a variety of actors via her consulting work (Inter-ministerial Directorate for Public Transformation, La France S'Engage Foundation) and teaching (Sciences Po Paris, Centrale Supélec). 

Annabel Brourhant

Annabel Brourhant is the founder and director of Hope, a non-profit that accompanies women with cancer (she herself has been through breast cancer three times) via equitherapy and artistic workshops, from the announcement of the diagnosis to remission or even recovery. Prior to that, she was a TV presenter for RTBF.

Agnès de Leersnyder

Former Director of Strategy for the Orange Group, where she drove the development of e-health, Agnès De Leersnyder is now the CEO of the Future4care accelerator, co-created by Capgemini, Generali, Orange and Sanofi. Future4Care is a multicorporate open innovation ecosystem for the future of health care.

Aymeril Hoang

Former advisor to Fleur Pellerin and architect of the French Tech,
Aymeril Hoang was a member of the Covid-19 Scientific Council as a digital expert. He is the former chief of staff of Mounir Mahjoubi at the Secretariat of State for Digital Affairs and had a central role in the development of the StopCovid digital tracking application project.
Aymeril Hoang is the former innovation director of the Société Générale Group and a member of the National Digital Council.

Emmanuelle Ledoux

Emmanuelle Ledoux is the Director General of the National Institute for Circular Economy (Inec), a leading influential multi-stakeholder non-profit in the field of resource economy. 
A former regional councillor for the Ile-de-France region, Emmanuelle Ledoux was also the head of cabinet for Axelle Lemaire, then Secretary of State for Digital Technology and Innovation.

Elsa Godart

Elsa Godart has a PhD in philosophy and psychology. She teaches both disciplines at Université de Paris Est and Paris III- Sorbonne and regularly lectures in many international universities (Colombia, Romania, Finland, Lebanon, Poland, Russia, etc.). Specialised in ethics, she has taught at the Ville-Evrard, Sainte-Anne and Salpêtrière hospitals since 2004. She has practiced psychoanalysis privately since 2003. On 30 May 2017, she obtained a Habilitation to Direct Research (H.D.R.) in philosophy and psychoanalysis at Université de Paris VII-Diderot.
She is also a speaker and corporate trainer (Club Med, RATP, Yahoo, M.A.E….). Since January 2016, she has been an expert for the APM (Association du Progrès du Management), allowing her to share her expertise with many leaders in France and around the world.