A new maternity hospital in the group

on 2022/06/02

Good news for the new bornes of 2023 in Stockholm. They will have the chance to discover the new maternity ward at St Göran's Hospital (Capio)!

The opening was originally planned for 2026, but the need was such that the midwives were heard. The opening date has been brought forward by three years and the management team has been chosen: Hanne Fjellvang, Director of Care, and Malin Thorsell, Maternity Manager. The maternity ward will offer specialised maternity care, childbirth, postnatal and uncomplicated neonatal care. When fully operational, it will accommodate almost 4000 births!

Hanne Fjellvang and Malin Thorsell who will be the new managers of the Maternity

They will be the new managers of the maternity

Malin Thorsell is a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology and for the past 11 years she has focused on obstetrics. She is active in research and has a doctorate in this field. She will be responsible for the maternity ward and will be part of the hospital's management team.
"It is both exciting and challenging. At the same time, it's a privilege to be involved from the start. We will work as a team for safe and modern maternity care. The woman giving birth and her partner are at the centre of our concerns," says Malin Thorsell.

Hanne Fjellvang will take on the position of head of maternity care and, together with Malin, will form the maternity unit's management team. As head of the care unit, Hanne will first be responsible for the staff of midwives, nurses and nursery nurses. Hanne comes from a midwifery management position and has experience in leadership and business development. 
"It feels really good. It's exciting to be involved in building a business from scratch. At the same time, I feel humbled by the task and look forward to working with our future colleagues," says Hanne Fjellvang.

The maternity hospital is scheduled to open in spring 2023

Both Malin and Hanne have a strong background. Capio St Göran Hospital recruited them to these important positions because of their strong interest in developing, improving and finding new solutions, including digital ones, that will benefit both the family and maternity care. Both focus on quality, putting the needs of the family first and making mothers, couples and children feel safe.
During the spring and summer, Malin and Hanne will define all the steps and working methods for the planned opening next year. They will set up the organisation of St. Göran's Maternity Ward and recruit the other managers (deputy unit managers or team leaders for neonatal care, postnatal care and others) and all the necessary positions in the maternity ward. 

St Göran's Maternity Ward will offer 
- Specialised maternity care 
- uncomplicated neonatal care 
- Team care with an obstetrician, a paediatrician, a midwife, a paediatric nurse and a nurse. 

"We are very excited about their arrival and look forward to working with them. Working with the region and other maternity hospitals to develop the future of maternity care and to include expectant parents is a unique opportunity. The whole hospital is eager to start working with them," says Minna Lönnstedt, project manager and Peter Holm, CEO of Capio St Göran Hospital.