Innovation webinars

Digital patient journey


Jamel Ouanda (Chief transformation officer) and Towa Jexmark (Head of innovation) hosting.

In this session we will hear from four nominees.

Part 1:

1. Better prepared patients. The use of FRISQ at Capio Artro Clinic, Sweden. Ida Kindlund presenting.

2. HoopCare, France. A digital tool that prepares patients for surgery and reduces complications. Yassine Moussali presenting.

Part 2:

3. Drottningatan. A physical space for digital onboarding in downtown Helsingborg, Sweden. Peter Thesleff presenting.

4. Digital wait-list at Volvat Norway. Andreas Roos presenting. 

5. We will close with a breif panel discussion on innovation.


Flower and dragonfly

The event is hosted by Brigitte Cachon (Director of communcation and CSR) and The Innovation and Partnership hub.


Benjamin LeCoq from Clinique de la Muette, Paris. Speaking on how they invented a process for using medical products and medicines before they expire. (In French with English subtitles)

Rikard Wiksell, Associate professor, licensed psychologist, Capio St Göran, Stockholm.  Speaking on a project to provide psychological support to ICU-staff during the pandemic. (In English)

Focus Médipôle Lyon


Focus Médipôle

In this webinar we focus on three projects from Médipôle Hôpital Privé in Lyon.

1. E-fact: An introduction to Médipôle's e-learning platform. Mathieu Mascre-Pothier

2. OSCAR: How the humanoid robot OSCAR is used in paediatric surgery. Gérard Tramoni.

3. Green Team: How the surgery ward took steps to become more sustainable.Marie Poiblanc