Portrait of Bernadette

on 2020/03/11

Bernadette, Mental health nurse at Clinique Saint-Victor (France).
What is your role ?

I’m a psychiatric nurse. In terms of full, voluntary hospital admission, we admit adult patients with mental health issues: depression, addiction, schizophrenia, paranoia, etc. I work very closely with the doctors and administer technical care (infusions, treatments, etc.). My role also includes listening, observing, recognizing and assessing ailments, whether physical or mental. I also offer relaxation sessions, to help to decrease physical and spiritual pain.

How long have you worked at Ramsay Santé ?

I joined the group when I arrived at Clinique Saint-Victor (France) in 2012. You could say that my career pathway has been somewhat abnormal! I was a biology teacher in the Ivory Coast and France for years. Just before my 40th birthday, despite having three children to look after, I decided to change path, and went back to studying to become a nurse!

Why did you choose this job ?

I always wanted to take care of others. For me, teaching is also a type of care! But at a certain point, I wanted a more in-depth approach and nursing seemed to fully correspond to my aspirations.

What do you most like about your job/your daily life ?

Several things: team work, people, the subtle approach required with patients, the central role of listening in our work. What I most enjoy are the individual interviews: when I’m with a patient, I let myself be guided by the subjects close to his/her heart. At such times, the patient becomes a true stakeholder in his/her own treatment, and my role is to help him/her to navigate the avenues that he/she wants to explore.

Do you have a passion ?

I have a dynamic personality so I have plenty of passions! I am very close to my family and friends. I love the cinema, concerts, cooking, sport and walking. I also read a lot, particularly about health and the philosophy of healthcare. 

Do you have a nickname ?

My colleagues sometimes call be Bernie... which I love!