1. Discovery

The purpose of the discovery phase is to discover and explore your problem as well as finding out who can help you solve it. 

You will examine the needs of the target group and to describe the problem in a clear problem analysis.

  1. Analyse and describe the problem.
  2. Build a team that will address the problem. Clarify roles of the team members
  3. Identify the stakeholders
  4. Assess the needs of the stakeholders and the target group
  5. Analyse which regulatory aspect that could apply

1. Analyse and describe the problem


Analyse and describe the problem

This is a very important step of the process. Unless you have a clear picture of what the problem actually is you might spend time on finding solutions that does not actually solve anything. You can use the tool Scoping canvas for this exercise.

When analysing the problem ask these questions:

1. Why do you want to solve this problem?

2. Who will benefit from solving the problem?

3. What is the current situation?

4. What are the assumptions that lead us to take on this project (do we have a hypothesis regarding a solution?)

5. What do we need to know in order to understand the problem better?

6. What do we want to achieve with the project? How do we know is the solution is successful? Set KPIs!

7. Who has tried to solve the same problem before? Who can we speak to that has insights on solving the same problem?


You can use the Scoping canvas to assist you in analysing your problem/challenge.