1. Discovery

The first phase in the innovation process is the Discovery phase. The objective of this phase is to discover and explore your problem as well as finding out who can help you solve it. You will need to examine the needs of the users (target group) and to describe the problem in a clear problem analysis. 


The steps involved are: ​

  1. Analyze and describe the problem​

  2. Build a team that will work with developing the idea and solving problems. Clarify roles of the team members​

  3. Identify key stakeholders that may directly and indirectly influence your teams work and outcomes​

  4. What needs are you trying to meet? The needs of intended users (target group) and of that of the stakeholders​

  5. Analyze which regulatory aspect that could apply




  • “Explore your idea?”​

  • You can use the “Scoping Canvas” to assist you in analysing your problem/challenge. ​

  • You should also start working with your “Business Canvas” as you will develop and refine throughout the entire innovation process.