Innovation process

First steps to success

How do you increase the chances that your dreams will come true?
Follow the steps in the Innovation Process!

An innovation process starts with a problem and ends with an innovation that is implemented and scaled. Project ideas can come from different sources; needs identified in the business, research results, product presentations or collaborations. Whatever the origin, the process is the same, with a strong initial focus on analysis of the need.

In practice, this process is rarely straightforward and sequential. The work in the process often loops within the phases of the process and between the phases, the innovation process is thus iterative. But the Innovation Process gives you structure and makes sure that you do not forget anything along the way.

The innovation process starts with a description of the problem that needs to be solved. The innovation process does not start with a ready-made solution! Always spend time on understanding and describing the problem first. This will increase your chances of success.