5. Scale

Once a service / solution has been launched it is important that the knowledge of it is spreads to other parts of the organization. This is important because the benefits your unit and business area are getting from its use can be repeated many times over – Ramsay Santé will likely benefit greatly from your work.​


It is normal that solutions and services used by one unit, will carry ALL the overheads and support costs resulting from its use; scaling it to other units will create leverage and lower not only your unit’s / business area’s operational costs, but that of other units as well. 

Activities in the Scale Phase:​

  1. Communicate your success within Ramsay Santé. Please inform the Innovation and Partnership Hub of your success. Your idea will inspire others!​

  2. Be generous and share your solution and the knowledge that you have gained during your innovation process. Someone else is most certainly trying to solve the same problem!​

  3. Create a business case for scaling the solution to other units


Business Case