2. Conceptualization

The objective of the Conceptualization Phase will be to expand your ideas and conceptualize them; developing solutions to the identified needs, problems, and challenges. This involves researching and validating the concepts. You goal is to ensure (as much as possible) that they have the potential to work. At the end of this phase, you will have created a great pitch for your solution; it is this set of information that will serve as the grounds for whether to proceed to the next phase in the innovation process. 

The phase can be further subdivided into two parts:​

  • Concept High-level​

  • Concept Deep-dive​

 Activities in the Concept High-level:​

  1. High-level conceptualization of ideas ; agile and short​

  2. Find / create ideas that could solve the problem. ​

  3. Possible to test? ​

  4. Score the idea using the Grid​

Activities in the Concept Deep-dive:​

  1. Build a high-level business case to test the financial viability of the solution​

  2. Engage your stakeholders are aligned with the Organization’s strategy​

  3. Create a pitch (The pitch) that present the idea/solution in a concise way​

  4. Source, Screen and Select external vendor, partners and (or) start-ups to work with​

  5. If the project is approved, proceed to the Test phase to validate and evaluate 


  • Use Ideation Tools to help you find a possible solution. ​

  • Use the Grid to score the idea and see if it reaches the ideal threshold​

  • Expand the Business Canvas to develop a 360-degree understanding of the of the business model.