4. Launch

In the Launch Phase, your will create a plan on how to bring ready the solutions / services tested into production. This will usually involve scaling the use of them to a wider range of user in your business unit / area.​


At this stage your test has been validated, but it does not mean that no additional development / adaptations / tweak must take place. You may likely need to continue expanding your ideas and conceptualize them further. The overall design and performance has been proved to work, but as more units start to use your solution / services (in the Scale phase) they will evolve further. It’s an organic process and the idea will get better when more units start using the solution.

Activities in the Test phase:​

  1. Any NEEDED follow-ups and (or) next step from steps 6 and 7 in the Test Phase?​

  2. Secure a license agreement is in place (if needed)​

  3. Develop Support Organization. Secure IT and other resources needed to support you service and solutions are in place.​

  4. Create a plan to implement and scale it


Expand / finalize your Business Model (the Business/Pitching Canvas)

Business/Pitching canvas